Monday, March 3, 2014

Turning trash into treasures

Local opp shop Het Goed is quite an experience. Besides goods they have inspirational displays, activities and they often sell some items for a good cause. That's where I found this 'spoorblok' (railway block) made of the yellow timetables that are on every Dutch platform and station.

I bought it as a gift for someone I know who worked at the Dutch railways for many years. A 'dienstblad' (service tray) was another option. They're made by Verdraaid Goed, a brand that has many more items made of waste, all with fun names. Look at their webshop if you like.

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The woman behind this great idea is Lisanne Addink-Dölle. An engineer and designer who wants to make the world a better place, by reusing trash and turning it into treasures. I love this spirit and it's great how she makes it work out.

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