Sunday, March 2, 2014

Cooking like mom learned

Since 1910 the 'Wannee kookboek' is the elementary cookbook in the Netherlands. It's been updated and is still published today. It was written for girls at domestic science schools. When I heard about it I was eager to get a copy from the fifties, the time my mom learned cooking.

Last Friday I received my copy from a second hand book store. It's the 14th edition and it's fascinating. It's like traveling back in time. I love how simple things were: not that much kitchen utensils and not too many ingredients. It's very seasonal, straightforward and honest cooking.

Today I made chocolate custard. I was surprised the cacao and the cornstarch in my cupboard are of the exact same brands as mentioned in the recipe. I wonder if the package changed ;) And I know, I should decorate these deserts, but they are too delicious to disturb.

I'm really pleased with this book and will make a lot more from it.