Linen stitch pouch

st = stitch(es)
k = knit
p = purl
sl1wyif = slip 1 purlwise with yarn held in front of work
sl1wyib = slip 1 purlwise with yarn held to back of work

Material: 18 g wool (45 m / 49 yd), needles 6 (US 10), 18 cm / 7 in zipper, tapestry needle, sewing needle and sewing yarn.

Gauge: 25 st ≈ 10 cm / 4 in in linen stitch on needles 6 (US 10)


Cast on 45 st and knit as follows:

Row 1: *k1, sl1wyif, repeat from *, end with k1
Row 2: k1, *p1, sl1wyib, repeat from *, end with p1, k1

Repeat these two rows until work measures 16 cm / 6.4 inch and bind off.

Finishing: Block. Sew sides together and sew the zipper in by hand.

Please note this pattern is copyrighted. Use it and pass it on privately, but don't sell it or any part of it. Thank you.

Happy knitting!