Thursday, July 25, 2013

The pleasure of a new generation

Summer holidays are there: it's time to craft. I love it when my nine year old picks up knitting or sewing sometimes. At her age I was already a textile fan, but she seems more of a paper girl.

From 'Het grote zelfmaakboek voor meisjes' she chose to make the wrist cuff. She loves it because it's cool, but also knows exactly how to make it her own way.

It's great to see how she chooses the materials, how she decides she wants to alter the size and construction and how she picks different buttons. Quite mature and well thought-out.

Of course I helped her along the way, but she can only learn by doing and she does as much as she can herself.

Stitching the last opening together by hand is meticulous work. But she did it patiently and impeccably. I think she was very happy to make this cuff.

And now she's proud. Just like me. I'm curious to see what she'll make next.