Thursday, December 20, 2012

Tonight is the night

Christmas dinner is one of the big and best events for my daughter at school and tonight is the night. For the first time she wants a special dress for the party and this is what she'll be wearing.

About a month ago she showed me this drawing of a dress she designed. Can you please make this for me? is what it says. It's got an extra big smile to try to convince me to do it.

Sewing is not a problem for me, but making patterns is another thing. A T-shirt that she'd just outgrown gave me an idea. It was fun: we cut bits of fabric and sewed as we went and my nine year old did whatever she could by herself.

Her summer shoes go better with the dress than her boots. The flowers are from 'Het grote zelfmaakboek voor meisjes'. She imagined they're great shoe decorations. And so they are. My daughter's very pleased with the result. I am proud of her and hope we'll be doing this much more.