Monday, June 18, 2012

Ultrafine needlework from Hungary

One striking stall at craft fair Hip and Handgemaakt in Deventer last week was Hungarian based Ribisli. With ultrafine yarn and needles they knit, crochet and embroider the most delicate items.

These crochet pebbles caught my attention and I asked the size of the needle. "Eighty", the lady said. It takes a day to make one and each one is adapted to the size of the pebble.

Then I saw these knitted towels with crochet borders. They're made of hemp and dry quickly after use. They're thin but very sustainable - according to the lady they last decades.

Also very pretty were these starched stars. You can hang them against a window to see the light fall through or you can sew them on a dress, purse or pillow as decoration.

Photos on the website show how delicate this work is. Ribisli's aim is to help female needlework regain its old-time social recognition and a fresh place in our modern living. I'm impressed.