Friday, June 22, 2012

Just a knit and a purl - tutorial for easy knitting

Easy knitting: just a knit and a purl and not too big a project. That’s what I aimed at designing these four different patterns for potholders. It's a project for beginners. By using double yarn however it looks quite advanced.

The four patterns vary from super easy to a challenge for beginning knitters. What you need is three skeins of cotton in different colors, knitting needles 4.5 (US 7) and a crochet needle 4 (US G/6, UK 8). The pattern is available in English and in Dutch - see Free patterns on the right.

You can choose to make all four different potholders or stick to one and the same pattern. Also you can mix the colors according to the given pattern or give it your own personal signature.

The knitting is easy, the result quite impressive and you can give it your own twist. Have fun and show me some pictures when you’re done :)