Friday, March 4, 2011

Think big, knit XXL

Scarves, mittens, socks and jumpers. A cozy for your teapot and another one for your eggs. A bag and a toy and perhaps a bookmark. Who thinks knitting is limited to that however should think again. Here are some designers who knit and think big.

There's a beautiful portrait on Etsy of Lynn Garrett of Bisquit Scout. Starting with a cover for her washing machine Lynn developed a fancy for contemporary knitting in a chunky Aran way. This cream armchair cover is one of her designs. It's knitted by her two hands completely.

Other examples of chunky designs are: the Urchin Pouf by Christien Meindertsma, the Granny Pendant Lamp by Casamania, and the Dune Carpet was designed last year by Chloé Pouzoulet.

Do you want to give XXL knitting a go? Wernkinck Wolvilt sells the yarn and knitting needles number 20 (US 35) are available at Jan de grote Kleinvakman.