Saturday, March 26, 2011

Textile art fair in Deventer church

I just got back from the Textiel Plus fair in one of the two main churches, the Lebuinuskerk, in Deventer. It was absolutely great and I have to share some of what I saw there.

Jewelry by Francisca Henneman of Difranci Design.

The cutest artwork by Riet Atteveld-ten Have.

The church was filled with a variety of craft suppliers and some artists who showed and sold their work. In the center of the church there was an exhibition of textile artists. Here's an impression.

Woman with three horses by Barbara Polderman.

Marijke Schurink cut out Adriaan Morriën's poem Afscheid in a five meter long strip of silk.

Uro women by Adinka Tellegen, made with bits of fabric, tulle and thread on cheesecloth.

Textiel Plus is a Dutch foundation that aims to improve and promote textile arts. It publishes a quarterly magazine with the same name and has an interesting agenda on its website.