Monday, December 23, 2013

Handmade little gifts for Christmas

We already had our gift giving at Sinterklaas in the beginning of this month. Still, I love to put something small and handmade underneath the Christmas tree.

Last week my daughter bought her first tablet. To protect it I made this sleeve. The outer fabric is a remainder of what she once bought for a bag. It's called Gullvi by Ikea.

To 'build' the sleeve I secretly studied the specs of her tablet and cut out a piece of card board in the exact same size. I added a pocket for a small notebook and pen, just in case.

Another gift was easy to make using the apple cozy pattern by Fleurtje Eliza to make another 'appelsokje'. And I added a little handmade booklet with string figures (already wrapped) which was really fun to make. I hope she'll enjoy it all.