Friday, November 29, 2013

Crafts with wolves

In the Netherlands the traditional gift giving is not at Christmas but on the fifth of December. We celebrate Sinterklaas which sounds almost as Santa Claus. At school children draw lots in their class and this year my daughter has drawn a girl who loves wolves and Avatar.

The children give each other little gifts but have to make an effort to pack it as beautiful or typical as they can. Last year my daughter got a sword of tin foil, referring to her fencing. Usually they have to write a poem to attach to the package, but in this class this is optional.

With scrap wood and blue and black paint my girl made this beautiful Avatar wolves head. She bought a chocolate letter and a pen to put into it. Thinking of how hard it is to find anything with wolves, I offered to make a pouch to add to it.

For the pouch I used some leftover fabrics, transfer paper, a zipper that was lying around and a bit of satin band from a T-shirt. The trick is to neatly make the endings that cover the zipper. This tutorial at explains this really well.

I made extra prints by the way, which I transferred onto the same firm white cotton. When Sew Mama Sew is having her half-yearly giveaway day I'd like to take part. They'll make a excellent giveaways. It's on December 9th for about a week, so keep an eye on their site and mine.