Sunday, September 15, 2013

Tuin5: a garden full of experiences and wonder

Tuin5 is a festival just outside Zutphen for people who create, perform and love life. I discovered it accidentally but visiting today I was impressed with the variety and great atmosphere.

There were crafters selling handmade goods and collectors with vintage items. There were people selling special coffees, ice cream, apple cider, bread and sandwiches, mostly of local origin.

There were several places (with no stage) where singers and other musicians performed. And the site, it was on the courtyard around a former farm, was beautifully decorated with garlands and jars and bottles with flowers.

There were masseuses, a coach, a garden designer, a story laboratory and a swinging DJ. There were workshops, exhibitions, and a lot of seats where you could just sit down, relax and enjoy.

There were also several mobile kitchens. This one with a true wood fired oven serving freshly baked pizzas was impressive. No wonder there was a queue - they smelled so good.

And sometimes it looked a bit like 'Koninginnedag' with funny self-designed games like: 'vang een zoen' (catch a kiss) and children specialized in advising adults with existential questions.

'Get inspired and enjoy' it says on the leaflet we received. I definitely did and hope to come back next time. Want to see more? Here are pictures of last year at tuin5.