Sunday, May 5, 2013

Knit and purl treasures in Vogue stitchionary

I love what you can do by just knitting and purling, as you can see from some of my patterns. To find out more I bought Volume one of the Vogue knitting stitchionary and I'm amazed.

It contains over 250 stitch patterns. My first project based on this stitchionary involves the heringbone linen stitch. I made this pencil pouch with less than one skein of vintage yarn.

The flower I got from It's a free crochet pattern by Ellebel. I made it with five different bits of leftovers and I love how the multicolored yarns bring life to the flower.


A number of stitch patterns from this stitchionary are on Some really pretty ones too. Me, I'm looking out for a new edition of Vogue knitting stitchionary 5: lace knitting.