Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Freedom, fun and passion at Gaultier exhibition

'The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier' is the title of the main exhibition at the Kunsthal, the museum of modern art in Rotterdam at the moment. Its subtitle: 'From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk'. I visited it yesterday and it was Great.

I sort of know Gaultier's work, but it's impressive to see many pieces in different styles all put together. They are categorized around six themes and the mannequins alone are spectacular: they move their eyes and give the audience little smiles and they sing from time to time.

In the first salon are dresses worn by Madonna, Kylie Minoque, Cathérine Deneuve and other celebrities. The theme is Odyssey with dresses from the Virgins collection and garments with the well-known navy influences. I love this style and was taken by the jersey dress on the left.

Each salon has a theme. There is The Boudoir (with many pieces based on old-fashioned underwear like the corset), Skin Deep (with bodystockings with tattoo-like prints for example, and lurex and leather items), and Punk Cancan (with influences from the streets of Paris and London).

Urban Jungle shows combinations of influences from different cultures from all over the world, and finally the last salon has the urban theme Metropolis. For an ordinary Tuesday in March it was good to see the numerous amount of visitors, young and old.

Each item is numbered and described. Details like the year of the design, who wore it at what occasion, and what it is made of are often interesting. What surprised me was the number of hours dedicated to create certain garments. Some of the dresses took more than 300 hours.

And of course I love this crochet and knitted dress with a hat made of sheepskin. I'm very happy to have seen the exhibition. To me it showed the joy of creating, the freedom of mixing genders, cultures and times, and it showed the passion of a man who's been designing ever since he was a boy. C'était très inpirant.