Saturday, February 2, 2013

Knitting two scarfs in one

I had been trying and testing to make a scarf with beautifully handspun yarn of Colorcrazefiber on Etsy. Then I found the solution at the Purl bee with a mix of woven stitch and linen stitch.

I love the striped pattern: delicate and horizontal on one side of the scarf and deeper vertical ridges on the other. It's outspoken in pewter and ivory. Mine is more subtle and because the handspun yarn is not sufficient, I chose to add two colors to it. (I'll start using blue later on.)

I'm also giving it my own signature with some extra patches along the way, like a twist in sides as you see below and another eye catching stripe. I'm designing it as I go and it's fun to knit - knitting every other stitch with seperate yarns it's like knitting two scarfs into one another.

Keep an eye on my Etsy shop to see the final result :)