Monday, December 3, 2012

Slow down with Flow

While most magazines abide by journalistic rules and specialists write books filled with more rules to revive expiring periodicals, Dutch magazine Flow chooses its own path. From the start in 2009 it has been a succes and it's now expanding abroad with an English version.

Creators and editors in chief Astrid van der Hulst and Irene Smit ignore magazine making rules and just follow what they feel is good. "Many women live a challenging and demanding life. Flow is about finding happiness in small things", they say. "It's not about news and trends so you can take your time reading it, without any pressure."

Click on the image for some great downloads.

Flow is full of imagery and creativity. Every edition is printed on different kinds of paper and there are always several goodies included like a calendar, a notebook or stickers. People who don't read Dutch already bought the magazine on their visits to the Netherlands. It's exciting to see now how Flow will succeed internationally.