Friday, August 17, 2012

Staphorst summer fair

The folklore of Staphorst is fascinating. Last Wednesday I revisited this village during one of the yearly summer fairs. There was more than enough to see and do for one day, so I focused on their typical textile crafts.

I took this photograph in the Museumboerderij. The costume presentation there by Dirk Kok was excellent - very informative and fun. It showed the different costumes for various occassions, for men and women, rich and poor and young and old.

In two of the main streets there was a great fair with many retailers but also a lady spinning, a lady crocheting the typical bicycle accessoiries, a lady knitting purses with tiny beads, one making a typical cap and of course one making the typical 'stipwerk' (dotting).

At the jumble sale I gathered my own little stack of Staphorst. Bits of fabric but also some second hand garments. I love the colors and the contrasts. Below you see a 'kraplap' - the top that adds color and individuality to the dark womens clothes.

Staphorst is one of the few places left in the Netherlands where people still wear traditional clothing every day. They do so with pride and are very open to anyone who's interested.

It's amazing how much crafting is involved in their lifestyle. Their hard work and choice of bright colors (also in their houses) are a joy.